A Thank you from Marcela Colombini of Argentina

You have no idea. I mean, for sure you thought I would be happy receiving those binoculars in the name of American Birding Association and Birder’s Exchange.

But happy, grateful, astonished, fascinated, pleased, surprised, cheerful, speechless, amazed, excited, stunned, are words unable to express my feelings… even all of them together!
I have maaaany other feelings than all those; actually I am indescribable moved!!!

Marcela Colombini with her BEX binoculars.

So… being in an indescribable situation, according to my own definition, I won’’t try to explain my charming state.

Since 3 years ago I often see a family of little birds that feed on my grass, walk around the garden with extraordinary confidence, and fly away home… In the beginning every animal able to fly was a “little bird” for me. But beginning two years ago, Carol de Passera started teaching me how to look at a bird, what to look at, to clearly distinguish a Blue-and-White Swalow from an Andean Condor (which I haven’t seen yet) or a Black-chested Buzzard-Eagle (which I’ve already seen), for instance! Yes, It took me a while to distinguish an elephant from a lizard!

So now, after sharing my garden with that family for some years, I can say that those “little birds” are probably Austral Thrush . I’m giving good use to my bird guide, as you can see.

Let’s go back to yesterday afternoon. Everything was going on like any other “afternoon …except that when my neighbors landed on my backyard I washed my hands, and in a rush took my new NEW binoculars and watched them… so close and so lightened that I could even count their feathers!!!! The afternoon was quiet, and so was the Austral Thrush. It walked around and stood like hearing the air moving through the leaves and branches… wide opened eyes…

Betty, I want to thank you very much for considering Carol’s request to Birders’ Exchange for a binocular for me. Next time I will write you not only about my experience with the new bins, but also about the silence, the light, the movement, the details… important concepts that frame a hearing impaired person’s reality.

Carol has already given me many extraordinary opportunities to work as a guide, demonstrating plenty of confidence in me. And now this surprise!! That encourages me, and at the same time gives me more responsibility. Now you are part of this “club” of amazing people that stimulate one to go on, always further, in spite of everything. I will enjoy those bins… and I will improve as a birder!

Carol de Passera on the left; Marcela Colombini on the right

Tomorrow I’ll start a two weeks trip, camping in the south-east of Patagonia. I will probably go into my sleeping bag dressed with the new bins in their harness… just in case I have to watch some blue bird flying in/through/across my dreams…

Regards from Patagonia. Marcela.


Everything I can say (and repeat) is thank you, donators and future donators. Thanks a lot to those who supported the binoculars I received, or part of them; thank you in advance to those who are arriving now to this solidarity adventure, as I hope you will contribute to Birders’ Exchange programs; but most of all, thanks to all of you for helping dreams come true!
“I am only one, but still I am one. I cannot do everything, but still I can do something; and because I cannot do everything, I will not refuse to do something that I can do.” Helen Keller.