BEX supports Chile’s longest continuous bird monitoring program

BEX has supported the ornithological work at the Omora Park since 2000, with the donation of equipment that aided in the creation of Chile’s longest continuous bird monitoring program. Now the Omora Subantarctic Bird Observatory is also a part of one of three long-term socio-ecological research sites in Chile and a major part of the research, education and conservation agenda of the Cape Horn Biosphere Reserve.

Best regards from our team, especially from Dr. Christopher Anderson, OSARA director and Ricardo Rozzi OEP director .

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Cristóbal Pizarro

Omora Bird Observatory

Parque Etnobotánico Omora



Programa de Magister en Ciencias, Conservación y Manejo de Recursos Naturales de Ambientes Subantárticos

Universidad de Magallanes, Chile