Congratulations to our friend and colleague, Ricardo Matus.

Heartiest congratulations to our friend and colleague, Ricardo Matus, another hard-working and prominent biologist in a long list of successful BEX recipients.

On April 20 this year Ricardo began his career as Director of the new Bahia Lomas Center in southern Chile:

Ricardo was the guest of BEX at the June 2003 ABA convention where he participated in all of the convention’s fabulous festivities, had a chance to meet with many ABA members and BEX donors, and presented a talk about his research and conservation initiatives. It was at that convention where Ricardo was awarded a grant of optics from BEX to help him with his on-going bird conservation programs and projects.

All of us at ABA are extremely proud of Ricardo and wish him great success!”

Pictured below is Ricardo in 2003 in his native Chile conducting research on Ruddy-headed Geese.