Mexican biologist Carlos Raúl Bonilla Ruz

Carlos Raúl Bonilla Ruz is a Mexican biologist with a Master’s degree in animal biology, and is a researcher from CIIDIR-Oaxaca, of the National Polytechnic Institute. He has worked for 28 years principally in the Mexican state of Oaxaca in biodiversity and conservation of wildlife issues. Results of his studies have been published in scientific articles, books and presented in congresses and symposia.

He studies birds and mammals, especially bats, distribution, scientific collections, biological databases, biodiversity, conservation and different aspects about the Military Macaw’s biology. He published a field guide of birds from the coast of Oaxaca and since 2002 has worked in Oaxaca studying the Military Macaw. Since 2008 he has studied the Military Macaw in Jalisco, and has obtained basic information about its reproduction, home range, use of habitat, feeding habits and sexual dimorphism. His  project focuses on the Military macaw – its reproductive success, population size and ecotourism in Jalisco, Mexico.