Observadores Mirins de Aves da Serra da Bodoquena, Brazil

This project is undertaken by a local non-governmental organization – Fundação Neotropica do Brasil (www.fundacaoneotropica.org.br), which works for nature conservation since 1993, at Serra da Bodoquena and Pantanal of Mato Grosso do Sul State, Brazil.

In this project, our goal is that children and adolescents who live in the region can establish a close relationship with nature, through the practice of birdwatching in natural environments. We believe that this way, they can become proud of the rich natural heritage that exists where they live.

We began this project about a year ago and it has already benefited more than 70 children and adolescents (6-15 years old) from a partner institution – Instituto Família Legal. We meet with them once a week and conduct practical classes in natural environments, talking about the local environment, fauna, flora and ecology, using birding and nature photography as a tool of awareness. To conduct these activities, we have six binoculars and nine cameras. But certainly, if we had a larger number of equipment, classes would be more productive and exciting for the students.

Even though, after one year of work the results are impressive! Children and adolescents have learned much about the environment and the local avifauna. They also learned how to behave in the field, have their own field diaries and life lists. Above all, they now show pleasure in being in touch with nature.

Our goal is to expand this project to all six public elementary schools in the city of Bonito – MS – Brazil, including every child living here. For this, we would like to count on your support by making donation of equipment (binoculars and cameras). By trying to find new sponsors, who may be interested in supporting this program, it would be even better to be able to collaborate with as many other nature lovers as possible.

Gláucia Helena Fernandes Seixas
Superintendente Executiva FNB