Thank you from Argentina

On behalf of our group Eco-Huellas (Ecological footprints), we would like to say Thanks to you for the beautiful present you gave to us. It is very important for us that so important people who live in the other tip of America  know us and look for us.

We feel very happy because we know that your present will make it easier to watch birds as we are many teens in the group.  However the most beautiful thing is that we will be able to use it when bringing kids of primary school age to show the great variety of birds flying in freedom through the sky, thus they will learn –like us day to day- that the world is huge, but we can make it smaller by flying towards our dreams and wishes, just like birds do.

We don’t have enough words to express how grateful we are for this enormous surprise.

We happily hope to be in touch, a big kiss for you,


General Roca – Rio Negro – Patagonia