Update from Sinaloa, Mexico

Conservación, Investigación y Servicios ambientales AC (CISA AC), an NGO  works in the northwest of Mexico, and has continued its work with birds since our donation from Birders Exchange in 2007. We have continued our banding studies with the institute for bird populations looking for migratory birds. We have also been working with environmental education near our banding sites.

This year we have a project to protect the area of Ceuta bay, where more than 200 different species of birds use the area as a migration stopover and reproductive site. It is also a site for resident birds. We are going to be giving a bird identification workshop for the locals so they can become bird guides, along with teaching environmental education in all of the schools near the area.

Lydia Lozano Angulo, Culiacán, Sinaloa, Mexico