Bichacue Yath in Colombia

Invaluable equipment makes appreciating birds easier.Dear Birders Exchange,

We would like to extend our outmost gratitude for the generous donation to Bichacue Yath received in January of 2014 to be used for our educational programs in the vicinity of the Farallones National Park and Tatama National Park in the Western Andes of Colombia. The equipment and field guides have been put to excellent use to encourage the youths of the rural area around Cali to be interested in birding and the birds of the most species-rich country on the planet. They are also used to spark interest in arts and crafts in a community that is looking to protect the natural resources of the Cali River watershed.

Bichacue Yath is a family project that aims to promote social action, environmental education and recreation in the outskirts of Cali, Colombia.Trying out the new equipment.

Started officially in 2009, the name of the reserve translates to “bird sanctuary” in the native Paez dialect. Bichacue Yath was built from the ground up starting in the year 2000, when Thomas Muñoz had the vision to design a space for students from the surrounding rural areas and the nearby city of Cali to learn about art and the environment in a natural setting. The curriculum looks to stimulate students through: Watching and identifying resident and migratory bird species in the area, learning about birds and art by drawing and pottery-making, recycling every day items to create art, and using recycled products to create art.

Again, our eternal gratitude for your donation that will provide incredible opportunities for generations of young birders to come.

Many thanks,

Nubia Stella Gomez


kids with bird book