Cuba benefits from Donations of Cash and Equipment to Birders’ Exchange, again!

CAsh helps us provide much better equipment and helps to pay for shipping of the equipent and time to operate the program.

Arturo Kirkconnell test drives his new Birders’ Exchange Zeiss Binoculars with a beautiful new ABA strap made possible with the cash donations given to Birders’ Exchange.

Arturo Kirkconnell wrote the book on Cuban birds with the help of Birders' Exchange.

Arturo Kirkconnell wrote the book on Cuban birds with the help of Birders’ Exchange.


Since the year 2000 I started to interact and get full support from ABA thanks to the excellent Birder’s Exchange Program to support local researchers in Latin American countries. For Cubans researchers and bird lovers have been extremely hard to obtain equipment and bibliography due to the US Embargo, but I was blessed to meet in my first trip to Boston wonderful friends and among them the unique Betty Petersen. This organization was always extremely kind and helpful with me and other Cubans researchers. Personally, I have got several equipments to support my research of threatened birds species and its conservation through several projects including environmental and educational programs to community members and kids. Through Birder’s Exchange Program I have got excellent binoculars (Zeiss), an amazing Leica Scope, SONY tape recorder, camera, microphone and many excellent books so important for my work. I wish to acknowledge this program and their sponsors and private donors. My heartfelt thanks to Birder’s Exchange and ABA for their extraordinary support.

–Arturo Kirkconnell
[email protected]


Please help us keep shipping and buying great equipment for researchers and conservationists in the harsh conditions they face in Latin America and the Caribbean. 

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