Anibal’s Super Power

Anibal enjoys his new eyes. Thanks to Birder who donate good optics to Birders' Exchange.

Anibal enjoys his new eyes. Thanks to Birders who donate good optics to Birders’ Exchange.

Anibal Rodriguez works as a groundskeeper in Panama.  He has a secret superpower. He helps many birders see Spectacled Owls safely. He monitors the owls and makes sure they are protected within the city limits where they are breeding, surrounded by the sound of construction.

Anibal knows these owls.  They know him.  He is their protector and now he can see them clearly with his new binoculars.  He will pass on his love of birds and birders to his children. He also has the ability to influence other groundskeepers in the area, as more and more houses are built, to care for their birds as he has.  When visiting birders come to see Anibal’s owls he is proud to show them off while keeping visitors a safe distance away.  Spectacled Owls are not an easy owl to see in the dense jungles of Panama. They are not really that easy to see when pointed out in Anibal’s garden. Birders would never know these birds were here if not for Anibal’s skill and care. Birders’ Exchange is happy to help Anibal show his owls to visiting birders and keep these owls safe and breeding for many years to come.

Thanks, Anibal! Enjoy your new eyes!

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