Managing the land for Eagles in the Darien

BEX Sinai Darien Alexander Sarco local guide

There has been lots of excitement by birders circling around Alexander and the community of Sinai, located along the Membrillo River in the Comarca of Embera-Wounaan. Alexander took a keen interest in learning the birds in his community and especially since a Harpy Eagle nest was found on his land in 2016. Alexander has always been very helpful in the logistics of organizing visits for us and is our local guide for visits to the nest, he is learning and already familiar with many of the local species in the area. Unfortunately the Harpy Eagle nest was predated in January of this year, but just weeks later, Alexander contacted us about another large eagle nest near the community, this time a Crested Eagle nest. He has been monitoring the Crested Eagle nest on a regular basis (the chick just fledged) and if there are any concerns or reports, he is prompt to inform us. He is a wonderful local guide and is very keen to learn more and learn English to be able to speak to the guests we bring.

The Birders’ Exchange binoculars were presented to Alexander on Wednesday August 2 by Canopy Family guide Eliecer Rodriguez Madrid during a visit to the nest. Upon receiving the binoculars, he gave a very heartfelt thank you and said that he will use the binoculars to keep finding special birds so that they (the birders) could come visit again. These binoculars will help him focus on conserving his land and keeping it healthy for birds.

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