During the last year a story about “B95” an individual Red Knot, a migratory shorebird the size of a Robin, spread around the world catching the attention of the media such as the BBC of London, The New York Times, Mongabay, as well as national TV and newspapers in Argentina, Brazil and other countries.
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Hooded Grebes by David Sibley

David Sibley generously donated this original painting of Hooded Grebes to Birders’ Exchange to help raise funds to save Hooded Grebes.
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Eco Huellas (Argentina) uses BEX equipment

The Ecohuellas teen group in the field with their teacher, Professor Gustavo Garcia, using the BEX-donated scope on a field trip with primary school children.
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Thank you from Argentina

On behalf of our group Eco-Huellas (Ecological footprints), we would like to say Thanks to you for the beautiful present you gave to us. It is very important for us that so important people who live in the other tip of America know us and look for us.

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A Thank you from Marcela Colombini of Argentina

You have no idea. I mean, for sure you thought I would be happy receiving those binoculars in the name of American Birding Association and Birder’s Exchange.

But happy, grateful, astonished, fascinated, pleased, surprised, cheerful, speechless, amazed, excited, stunned, are words unable to express my feelings even all of them together! I have maaaany other
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Protecting Argentina’s primeval Araucaria Forest

Misiones – Forests and diversity

Misiones is the second-smallest of Argentina’s provinces but home to slightly over half of the approximately one thousand bird species known from the country. A variety of vegetation types thrive here, from Pampas grasslands in the southwest to mixed Atlantic Forest in the north and east of the Province. Through
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