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Managing the land for Eagles in the Darien

There has been lots of excitement by birders circling around Alexander and the community of Sinai, located along the Membrillo River in the Comarca of Embera-Wounaan. Alexander took a keen interest in learning the birds in his community and especially since a Harpy Eagle nest was found on his land in 2016. Alexander
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New Binocualrs for the Youngest of the Guides Trained

Youngest of the Guides Trained

One of the youngest participants (and one of few females) in National Audubon’s basic bird guide training course in the community of Uaxactún, Petén, Guatemala last year, Fabiola Ramos is a quiet but confident 9th grader with hawk-like eyes and a great memory. In addition to the monthly
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Anibal’s Super Power

Anibal enjoys his new eyes. Thanks to Birders who donate good optics to Birders’ Exchange.

Anibal Rodriguez works as a groundskeeper in Panama. He has a secret superpower. He helps many birders see Spectacled Owls safely. He monitors the owls and makes sure they are protected within the city limits where they are breeding,
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Cuba benefits from Donations of Cash and Equipment to Birders’ Exchange, again!

CAsh helps us provide much better equipment and helps to pay for shipping of the equipent and time to operate the program.

Arturo Kirkconnell test drives his new Birders’ Exchange Zeiss Binoculars with a beautiful new ABA strap made possible with the cash donations given to Birders’ Exchange.

Arturo Kirkconnell wrote the book on Cuban birds with the help of Birders’ Exchange.


Since the year 2000 I started to interact and get full support
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Birders’ Exchange is Rocking! Scarlet Macaws are Squawking

Birder’s Exchange is still at it! Putting binoculars and bird books into the hands of people who are making a difference like our friend Juan.

Paso Caballos is a Maya Q’eqchi’ village located on the southeastern edge of Laguna del Tigre National Park in the Maya Biosphere Reserve in Guatemala. Downriver from Paso Caballos
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BEX supports research in Soata, Colombia

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Bichacue Yath in Colombia

Dear Birders Exchange,

We would like to extend our outmost gratitude for the generous donation to Bichacue Yath received in January of 2014 to be used for our educational programs in the vicinity of the Farallones National Park and Tatama National Park in the Western Andes of Colombia. The equipment and field guides have been
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During the last year a story about “B95” an individual Red Knot, a migratory shorebird the size of a Robin, spread around the world catching the attention of the media such as the BBC of London, The New York Times, Mongabay, as well as national TV and newspapers in Argentina, Brazil and other countries.
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Hooded Grebes by David Sibley

David Sibley generously donated this original painting of Hooded Grebes to Birders’ Exchange to help raise funds to save Hooded Grebes.
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BEX helps La Milpa Field Station in Belize

Vladimir Rodriguez is the Manager of the La Milpa Field Station in the Rio Bravo Conservation and Management Area in northwestern Belize. This reserve, which covers 230,875 acres, is owned and managed by the Programme for Belize. As Vladimir says, “birdwatching is natural for me.”

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